How to become a member ?

Who can become member of FERMA ?

  • National Associations membership: national associations are deemed to be any association, legally established, with a minimum of ten members (individual or legal entities), concerned with the defence of the interests of risk managers or buyers of insurance or associated value added solutions or services (“insurance managers”) operating within the national boundary of a European country. National associations are voting members.
  • Individual membership: a person domiciled in a country where there is no national association of Risk and/or Insurance managers member of FERMA who is solely employed by an organisation to plan and/or oversee the management of risks and insurances of that organisation. Individual members have no voting rights.
  • Corporate membership: an organisation domiciled in a country where there is no national association of Risk or Insurance managers member of FERMA, with insurable interests in Europe and employing a risk or insurance manager, excluding insurance and reinsurance companies and brokerage firms. Corporate members have no voting rights.
  • Honorary membership: The Board of Directors may admit as honorary member an individual person who has rendered outstanding services for the benefit of Ferma. Honorary members have no voting rights

How much does it cost?

  • For national associations, the fee applies to the number of active risk or insurance managers in the national association as followed:
  • from 0 to 250 risk and/or insurance managers’ members – 24 EUR
  • from 251 to 500 risk and/or insurance managers’ members – 17 EUR
  • from 501 to 750 risk and/or insurance managers’ members – 12 EUR
  • from 751 to upwards risk and/or insurance managers’ members – free of charge
  • For corporate members, it is free in 2015, from 2016 – 750 EUR
  • For individual members – 300 EUR
  • Membership fees are waived for honorary members.

How to apply ?

It is very simple. The Board of Directors decides upon admission of a new member following the review of a written application of the candidate or for honorary members upon the proposal of a Director. Please find below the application form for corporate and individual members :

Application for membership of a national association must be accompanied by a copy of the articles of constitution of the association, a list of members and Board members (as applicable) and a short report enabling the Board of the Association to understand fully the nature, size and representative capacity of the applicant.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact FERMA Executive Director Typhaine Beauperin at or at +32 2 761 94 32.

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